Ask the artist: Luca Azzurro

For the few months I have had the pleasure of having at the Manzoni Kunst Galerie in Oosterwolde the paintings of a very young Italian artist, Luca Azzurro (class of ’88), an architect and advertising graphic designer from Lombardy, whom I had been keeping a close eye on for some time for his artistic poetics full of expressionism and symbolism. Luca Azzurro is constantly evolving in his experiments (thanks to his young age), and the cycle in the gallery and the works presented here in the interview show why his art is starting to attract more and more international collectors (to date, his works are in Italian, Canadian and Russian collections). His poetics is based on an expressionistic and unnatural colour that recalls the style of the Fauves, Pollock and Sam Francis: this colour, a hymn to life, gives prominence to the light poles, a symbol of contemporaneity, technological innovation and speed, without which man would not be where he is at the moment.

But let us now give the artist the woords:

You are a very young artist: what do you want to communicate with your artistic poetics?

Painting has always been the medium for me to express my feelings, both positive and negative.

Painting for me has entered a parallel world, my favourite world of course, where I feel comfortable and free to express my feelings as I wish.

Over the years my message has literally changed.

Today I feel the need to represent, to give value to what people take for granted.

What is colour for you? How does it fit into your pictorial idea?

Colour for me is life. You can convey everything, all kinds of feelings, situations, emotions.

We can also create nuances and that makes colour even more important and characteristic for what I want to convey.

Why the choice of light poles as the real protagonists of this pictorial cycle that I have the pleasure of having in the gallery?

I wanted to highlight something that people do not see, but not because they are invisible, on the contrary, they are all too visible due to their majesty.

If we think about their function, they have given meaning to human life and its evolution. Thanks to electricity, man has been able to achieve great things today.

We are surrounded by these structures but we don’t give them importance, as is often the case in this society that tends to overshadow you, to undervalue people and things that are actually the focus of our lives.

Would you explain to the Dutch public why you use wallpaper in such a special way with those writings? What does it give you more than just canvas?

I wanted to create a background that could remind us, everything that can pass through these structures, winds, rain, birds… something that could remind us of movement.

Hence the choice of continuous cursive writing.

You are so young and have a thousand other ideas in your head: can you give us a preview?

Painters are unpredictable sometimes, so I hope to surprise you soon.

I would like to thank Luca Azzurro from the bottom of my heart for taking the time. If you would like to learn more about his poetics, I recommend you follow him on his social pages (Facebook and Instagram) or on his personal website. In the meantime, you are invited to the Manzoni Kunst Galerie in Oosterwolde and to his Facebook and Instagram channels.

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